Thursday, April 20, 2006


Other Persian Gold Steady

The "other" Persian Gold, that is the mineral, metal, Gold, Au, appears to be holding steady.

Persian Gold plc is an AIM listed UK company set-up to identify and exploit gold opportunities in Iran.

Since this is a foreign investment in a product not yet being actively produced, its value is based upon the potential for continued future exploration in Iran (granted world gold prices are rising also). If bad stuff was about to go down there, foreign investment stocks like this should plummet. So while Iranians are running out to buy all the gold coins they can, and to open their own gold exchange, and while the price of oil is shooting up on speculation, foreign investment in the real gold seems to remain secure, for the moment.

I don't see the relavance here. You are assuming, for unknown reasons, that investors in gold should have access to information that others don't, or that they have unique insight into the situation which they do not.
Point taken. However, they do have the same information as the oil investors (and oil middlemen, as the argument goes). Despite that, it is having different effects on the two industries.
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