Sunday, April 16, 2006


Confluence of Religions

In addition to Easter and the continuation of Passover, this weekend is also the birthday celebration of the prophet Mohammad(1436 years) and the sixth Imam, Jafar Sadiq. I believe the actual celebration may have been Saturday evening, April 15th, which corresponds to Night of 17th Rabiul Awwal. Today, many religions seem to be celebrating!

According to a contact, Mansoor, I spoke with from Tehran, "The celebration is usually simple at our houses. There's no gifts in fact. People usually meet each other or call each other and congratulate by phone. But some people arrange parties that a lot of people participate."

In researching this on the web, I found very few resources to guide me along the way. For example, many sites used the word Wiladat instead of birthday, but I could not find out what this term means (Mansoor told me that it means "date of birth"). As these statements attest to my ignorance of Islam, I will devote additional time in this blog to sharing with you what I learn about Islam, particularly as practiced in Iran.

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